Caught between many

Oh this feeling that I get caught up in. It eats at me when it’s ready and at other moments it is nowhere to be found. Is it my youth and my adult stages of my life fighting to see who will shine the brightest?
If that’s the case I am greatly worried about where my future lies. I have yet to be disappointed for I am apart of that percentage that can make a home out of almost anything. I complain not whether I have just one or I have many for I know where I stand I know where I want to be standing. Be it where I am now or elsewhere. Puzzled my life may be but it’s that puzzle that keeps me at it for all time sake. I have no one to blame my mistakes but myself, don’t flatter yourself misery for I am far for being perturbed by what had happened. I am happy for the world knows not my secrets, those of which don’t exist but the world only knows parts, all parts I must say but never as a Whole. This, it is not trickery but I just am timid just a bit maybe even not a little.


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