It has been said
But still, we lack the courage
held back
In each own lil box

Lying about the obvious
But obviously Scared of the unknown
But isn’t that life? The unknown

I had once said
If you want it you work your hardest in that direction
But now I’m not sure how much you can really work for “it”
For this one thing anyways

And unknown eating away at the very thoughts
Thoughts of the “what could have been”

Let it be or let it not
Either one if you think about it
its still an unknown.

Lets just keep focused
And not b side tracked
Goals have been set.
Plans have been made.
Lets keep moving forward

It could b the END
Or the beginning of a blissful and total tranquil new
Oh the anxiety
The rainbow of emotions

Caught up in dreams not dreamt
Seeing past the horizon.
Might just b a mirage,
A figment of my imagination


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