I am really happy to be in a group of people u atleast say hi to now. But I’m terrified that I may do sumtn to ruin the “acquaintance”. K I thought I could love you, I trusted you and thought you we could have been exclusive, I honestly never looked at any other girl the way I saw you. I love having sex with men and thought I would never give it up but for you it was the total opposite. When we stopped speaking you were still on my mind at first a lot and after, you became a faint memory. But during the period of last month I been going through a lot of things and I thought of you and my chance I missed. I don’t regret it but I thought of the possibilties of what could have been. Any ways that is the past and it will remain there, we both have gone our seperate ways. I hear your still taken so I can’t bust a move (lol) and I wish you all the best. I know its unnecessary to say all this but everytime we speak for those brief moments I just want to tell you how I feel, I know I’m not obliged to but its been gnawing at me. I consider you a loyal and honest person, I hope if changes take place its for the best. This is just a second of your time. Thanks and please do not share this anyone not even your best friends, I am asking sincerely. Anywho moving on. Hi and ttyl 🙂


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