This l feeling

I am alone because I know what it’s like to be loved and hugged and and kissed upon my forehead.

If only I had that back, without the love. I like being held and reassured!

I just want to be held in close proximity to body warmth!

I want to feel a pulse, pulsating through every part of their body!
Their heart matching mine

Taking turns lying on each others chest. Playing in each others hair.

Giving me horrible massages but because that person I love it!

I want to spoon with someone and kiss me goodnight!

O that physical touch that breath on my neck just saying how much they want to hold me close and smell my hair and tell me I stink but still hugs me close because no matter what they want to hug me and hold me close in their arms not knowing how long but wanting it to not end anytime soon.


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