The simplest thing in life are ‘free’, but it can cause a happy bubble to pop and you smile from deep inside out.

Seeing newborns and the elders smile means life is meaningful.
Makes me feel like there is hope.

This came to mind because as I was waiting for my bus this morning, in the cold. I was a feeling uncertain of what to expect during my day and because of that I was becoming very anxious. And I must say anxiety is not something cool, it can consume you and you become numb with that overwhelming feeling. But as my bus was approaching me there was an elderly guy, looking pretty fit for his age riding his bicycle with NO hands, just smiling as the wind brushed over his obviously fully grown facial hair.

That sight gave me a feeling that life has its potholes, but we can either wallow in them, keeping moving past them and/or fill them if we can.

Enjoy the small moments in life, you never know what the next second can bring.

I am happy and blessed that I have such loving people in our life.

I wish everyone, worldwide a burst of happiness today and everyday.




Team player
Young at heart
Meeting him made me happy because he is an engineer major and I understand him
He loves his major and I love when people do what they love! Makes me know that they will work their hardest and best and make a difference from the depths of their heart.
Never a dull moment
Always intrigued to learn something new
Helped me clean up today (wed)

That’s just some of it.

But after living with 20 people for a week this is what I’ve learned about this Dude. He is RAD!!!


Knowing not knowing

Knowing an not knowing…

I don’t know.
I’m sitting in the floor
Knowing what needs to be done
Thinking about the next step
But then there is a block
And I don’t know what it is..

I just want to cry but I do t think I have a reason to really fulfill that action.

I do t know

I know

But I’m not sure what to do now. I need to eat!

Things I blog about but never said out loud

Fuck this
I want to repeat that line over an over again to so many things and people but is it ever really worth it. Does it solve any real problem? And the answer is no it does not solve any problems but it makes you feel a little better… I guess that’s okay. But is okay good enough. I just can’t be pleased. Fuck this! That’s what it boils down to! Fuck this shit man! Ugh

Anonymous complaints

I am struggling with my classes but everything else in my life is pretty okay but I have surrounded myself with school and it eats me up inside. I don’t know what to do anymore. I cant continue like this.

I need some advise but I’m scared of being judged.

They say sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt you.

LIES and I’m serious, and I use as an example when my bf and I broke up. the first thing that ached me was the words that was delivered because I knew we were headed down that road it was the words that finalized it. THE WORDS.

I am young and I know that there is much more to live, learn and explore in this life so I’m not too stressed but I feel the “system” of our life of society has rendered our minds to think that without it one is nothing and I’m sick and tired of trying to live up to that standard but what do I keep doing. Try to live up to it.

I’m a contradiction and it sucks but I would like to call it conscious brainwashing. A paradox that’s what it is.