It wasn’t a nightmare, it was t scary. It was stress it was the thought of my very being. My actions and its reactions. Those drove me out of bed this morning and into the pool where I found myself swimming laps. Laps! I never do laps! Why the hell am I doing laps. And the whole time I’m swimming back and forth I’m still thinking about those things.

Other than that, the guy who I thought I liked has made it quite obvious we are definitely not on the same page and I guess there is a first time for those things. He disappeared and then it was magic. I really liked him, but he kinda reminded me of the phase in my life where I thought I wanted to become some very religious person. No hope there. I will continue to fuck and learn! No stress there.

You live and you become informed and educated. You fuck up and you fuck up some more BUT in the long run we apparently should learn a thing or two.

I’m studying that’s my action. The reaction I seek is less stress, an academic high and good results.

Anyway that’s all for now folks 🙂



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