Independent me

There is so much to admire from the outside, from the outside, from another persons view. Wanting and gaining that independence we all seek. It kinda blinds me from taking advantage of opportunities right in front of me.

A reward it is, but too much it? Iono. It good that I know that I want to be on my own that I want to be out of this meat that I am not scared totally of the world outside. It good because I will survive it anything does happen. I will be okay if the world ends. I will be just fine. It means if all hell fails, I can become that total independent me. It’s just waiting for the right moment.

A flaw. That it is also because I don’t reach out most of the times because I feel no need to and because I feel I can do if I actually but the time in. But am I doing those things? Lol no! So therefore I fall behind and also it’s a flaw because I don’t leave open windows to make and meet people. I’m like a shark in a fish tank full of sharks tank trying to do it all and be on top but the thing is I don’t the other sharks and I ignore the fishes that can help. Or maybe that can’t I don’t open up very much because I feel I am okay. But am I really?!

Anyhow, a reward or flaw, which wins?


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