The simplest thing in life are ‘free’, but it can cause a happy bubble to pop and you smile from deep inside out.

Seeing newborns and the elders smile means life is meaningful.
Makes me feel like there is hope.

This came to mind because as I was waiting for my bus this morning, in the cold. I was a feeling uncertain of what to expect during my day and because of that I was becoming very anxious. And I must say anxiety is not something cool, it can consume you and you become numb with that overwhelming feeling. But as my bus was approaching me there was an elderly guy, looking pretty fit for his age riding his bicycle with NO hands, just smiling as the wind brushed over his obviously fully grown facial hair.

That sight gave me a feeling that life has its potholes, but we can either wallow in them, keeping moving past them and/or fill them if we can.

Enjoy the small moments in life, you never know what the next second can bring.

I am happy and blessed that I have such loving people in our life.

I wish everyone, worldwide a burst of happiness today and everyday.



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