Can you see the conversation?

Below is a convo two girls had in a closet that they shouldn’t be, see if it makes sense to you…


I told youuuu omg lolol
Of course you did… Do you think they are gone… What if we are stuck like this until tmrw mornin?
What if they are cleaning the floors? Lmao. They won’t be gone for a minute. I can hear them singing lol omg… I feel like its the cleaning guy tho
Yea right clean our floors that will b the day. Um anyways it sounds like they are on the computer… This is such a dilemma for us haha          Should we just go to sleep? Lmao  thing is… If we can hear him he can hear us  😦 I keep hearing the tv too. Smh ah boi… I think we should but that would mean moving things and that cold cause disturbance      True shit….. This would happen to us doe.  -_-
Fml! This person ain’t got no computer at home, but to come this late they must b fuqn drunk n this is room is pretty sound proof but I’m not about to test that theory 😐 nope  Hahaha shit. But no… I don’t think they are using the computer. Maybe they are reading my genetics notes… this is a fail. I wanted to study girl. at what time is your test tmrrw?
Test at 12:30 do I still hear the clicking of the mouse?5


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