I thought it’s when your in your teen years you feel the most emotional wreck but does it stop there?

When I was a teen I was cold and pretty heartless. I would be hurt but I got over in a quick minute. I was competitive but I was a good sport because I think having fun was such awesome time and losing was a experience to learn from and fix it.

I fear becoming complacent and leaving world to live my life.

Things have happened that I thought I would be over but at 21 I feel like it’s all coming back and now is the final time to either cleanse my mind or it will linger there forever. Where do we start where do we end?! What do we do?


One of

I like order and do things in a way of order and if it’s not I almost kind of have a fit. Not cool ad I know it and most times I just shut up to ignore it so that there isn’t an outburst but this is also a learning experience.

I thought I was boss at working with others but when there are too many people there saying the same things gets to me an I think it’s all just a new group all over again so I have to readjust and that’s somehow I struggle to do.

Learning everyday: Important