Definition best friend?

I think I could use one right now. Mine did not text me did not even call at 11:59 on my birthday and she was in the same vicinity as me. Like I am speechless and I hope not overreacting :/ hmmm 

My friends who I knew for about 3 years now all threw me a party and I had fun with them. BUt oh no not her. She was the total opposite. 

And to know I am going through some things right now and it makes me not trust anyone. I am very skeptical about everything. I thought she would be someone who would understand.  am just lost. I do not know what to do anymore. So much on my mind and they are all over the place. I wish I could put them together and then fix them.


I am not doing so well in school and it is depressing. 

I do not have a good or any relationship with the family I love with. 

The guy I like is not into me anymore and lives a shit load of miles away.

My last bf is annoying me. I do not want him back, he made me feel like I worth nothing and only like a piece of meat, his meat.

so much more I could list.


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