Before the end; another one

I feel you’ve gotten comfortable with us that you don’t do anything try n make it specail like its whatever like u have n u feel I’m not going anywhere so its oki not even try and make it reel brand new and nice 

Do u like to scare me with saying stuff like if I’d like a break? The thought of being without u cripples me, but is that what makes u feel like I can’t go? Well ur rong, u jus need to push me far enough and I swear I will go, I’m not any other girl, I want ur attention, u give ur friends more attention than me, u see them everyday but u don’t talk to me everyday… 

What are ur top 10 priorities in order of how much they are worth from highest to lowest 

Do u think u ever cheated on me? 

Then what about u texting shellisha that u love her? 

U keep saying our relationship is unhealthy when we argue, is that sumtn u think about sometimes even when we r good? 

Sometimes u resort to breaking up when the argument is intense, why? 

Is that to scare me or sumtn else? 

Tell me why u stay if u say stuff like that, is it becuz I beg? 

Do u still think I’m materialistic? 

Its been months now I hav been asking you to skype and u never come thru… 

I offered to buy the cord for your laptop and all now u can’t get back to me on it? 

Do u feel u shud b the main provider of our relationship? If yes, what’s ur plan on gettin to a position that can afford it? If not, what is the plan then? 


And then it ENDED

I did learn a lot and I try my best not to regret any of it 🙂 


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