Team Player

I grew up playing a lot of different sports and some I am good at other I am not so good so I do not even attempt it. Anyway not the reason for my post, Sometimes I wonder if I am too much of a team player, if it is even possible? hmmm

Because now that I am more aware of what I do, say and listen. I feel like whenever there are actuates, everyone MUST be involved I just have not found the perfect ice break that os not an ice breaker. I am still looking. And I must say it has its pros and cons.

I will go in-between both. Pros, everyone gets involved sometimes I literally force them 😛 but they do. I feel no one should be left out never! and sometimes children have hard time with it. I sometimes bring the energy and I can get my team pumped easily. Cons, I feel like I am forgotten because I am always asking the question and I end up asking myself f I am okay also. hmmmm why? I wonder is I am okay??? NOt sure. 

But this is a short synopsis of my early morning, no sleep post. 

I hope that I will learn something that is beneficial about the whole team player thing.

I love it but sometimes it is a hassle and I am not sure how to stop, t just would not be me.

Trust me though I am great at ignoring people. But team player I am? :/



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