Oh NO its a a crime: Breastfeeding

Oh NO its a a crime: Breastfeeding

Okay so this article is initially about a couple being booted out of a restaurant for breastfeeding their hungry baby. But it comes down to how people generally feel about breastfeeding mothers. I just had to put this out there when I saw the section where it says a woman was put out of CHURCH for breastfeeding and the pastor compared her to a stripper. That was just ludicrous! 

So since some people are against it what should they do?! 

  1. Don’t feed the baby? – then people would complain about mothers starving their babies!
  2. Don’t leave the house? – so now mothers would become prisoners in their own homes because of society, ridunk-culous!
  3. Cover the baby? – some babies fuss so if you want a crying hungry baby go ahead, hope you can handle it

The couple who initially are being talked about where asked to take the “feeding” in the bathroom and their response was, you do not ask us to have our meal in the bathroom so why should my baby has his or hers in the bathroom. 

The link below is a website of an organization that promotes breast feeding, “Best for Babes” http://www.bestforbabes.org/

#womenrights #rightotlife #breastfeeding 


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