Am I a Hypocrite?; Sorry

This has nothing to do with my personal life. Because in reality I am very engaging and I listen but that is how I would be described as if you asked anyone I hang with and know me even just a little or a lot. 

Enough about me though, this is about the seeing all these blog post on #wordpress. Personally I love blogging and I do it privately becasue I am scared of being judged, I know horrible reason and I should not be scared. 

I follow a few bloggers for some reason such as: because they follow me and they are interesting or just because they follow me, because they liked my post and I liked some of theirs or just because they liked my post or because I think they are genuinely interesting to me.

Some blogs are SO long that half way through I am intrigued but not motivated enough to read the whole thing. I assume it is nice based on what I read in the beginning but I differ from reading it as a whole. I feel bad because I would like for those who do read my blog to read the whole thing. 

So I apologize. I am sure there are a lot of #greatblogs out there and one day i will definitely read them! 🙂 


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