Oriental … roaches ewww

So I have been having sleepless nights but even more so it’s my time of the month. I am even more miserable! So I am up at 12:47 PM (ET) and decided to have something to eat like the inner fatty I am and a I approach the kitchen I am greeted by an “ORIENTAL ROACH” now I am a bit scared of them but I am passed the screaming part unless they touch me! Then I go AWIRE on everybody! 

This dude thinks I cannot see him and keep in mind he is just about longer than an inch, anyhow he/she decides to just stop in the middle of the kitchen floor and play “invisible roach” meanwhile I am trying to make it run away by trying all different tactics 1 foot away, cause, aint nobody(me) going any closer to this thing! but I FAIL, he does not move at all! and I hate killing them. WHY? well 1) I am not sure where he is going to run an if he runs towards me, I am not about to go head on with him, I am running the opposite direction and 2) I do not like to hear/feel the crunch sound when they get squashed :s

Finally I get some courage to kill him with the bug spray but where is it?!?!?! I would have to pass him so I create an obstacle course to get to it which I am successful with doing but what do I see… NOO SPRAY ! WTF 

So I am really grump and hungry and still not in the mood to hear no crunch so I hop on one of the chairs in the kitchen and keep in mind all this time I am running around this damn roach, he is still playing peek-a-boo like a damn baby. my floor is white and he is black, like he/she could not be more visible! -_-

I get on the chair and opens the bottom cabinet door which is beside the roach and it still doesn’t more and YES SUCCESS I find the insect spray, and I spray this damn thing and he starts to move I kid you not I almost finished the damn thing on this one roach. Then he doesn’t get far and slowly but surely LITERALLY keels right onto its side and THE END or him anyway. 

As I got some food quickly because I am not hanging around to see him resurrect, o hell no, I rush to the couch, grab my laptop and find myself researching roaches. And from now on every second I check my environ for any more critters. 


Plus they are filled with a lot of bacteria, it makes me sick. 

If anyone has any helpful tip I will surely accept. 


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