Cure? If it is a disease…

I notice all my titles end with ellipses “…” as if there is more but I guess there is and it is what you are reading now. NOT the topic of discussion,

After my recent failure and rejection I decided to have a drink or few and now am wondering what do I achieve by doing this 😐 NOTHING because I feel now is a feeling of loathe and numbness things I can feel when I don’t have drinks. What is the point of these things in our society? Ex. alcohol?

Why do we drink them? Why were they created?

My dis-ease is failure/rejection and my “Cure” is trying something different


Ironic that after my study session one of the guy from the group offered to get me a glass 

ah boi my life…


I was about to use tags like cure and disease but then I thought that is such a HUGE misuse of the words, when there are so many other people who actually want some kind of cure for their actual disease. I do not want to misuse the words, for my language is a bit slack at the moment. My apologies, I will not change the title but will use different tags


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