Its raining outside and inside…

I just rode home in the rain and it was a rather long ride when it is raining because home seems so far when all you want to is get out of the rain. 

I was actually coming from a pretty successful math study group which I was about to rain check on. So feeling happy being inside and accomplishing so much work I decide to go treat myself to a show. While my show is loading I read my email and it looks like one of the colleges I had applied for got back to me, not knowing how to feel I open the message and… I did not get in, that is the 3rd “rejection” I have gotten and now it is really sinking in, WTH am I doing with my life 😦 

I am just bawling myi eyes out because I do not know what else to do. The path to a “good” future just gets clouded. What do I do?… 


I just feel like a failure… I am trying to find my way out…

screaming so hard on the inside…


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