Summer 2013 Day 5

May 20
I woke up eerily and looked at the clock it said 7 but I got out of bed at 11 and then when I got out then of bed aunt carl and was headed to sear with uncle ji to look for a dryer. I would have gone with them but I was about to rush or make them wait. So they left and I showerd and had breakfast. Bacon, eggs and toast. I then started to clean up my book shelf and recycled old papers etc. then i went to get my hair done with aunt carlene then the hairdresser was closed BUMMER so we went to get our nails done. Then we went to the airport and then we went to visit aunt con then I did nots stay but went to meet fenta in Dupont circle then we had a drink played some pool it was fun the hung out at the circle and chatted until 12 🙂 I told her about cookie and she is so amused lol 🙂 I love her she is too cute. We then went back to her place where she got the car and dropped me home.  I am home and watching big bang theory. Man I need to start doing the algebra online now!!!
May 21st : Day 6 DNE lol I forgot 

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