Summer 2013 Day 7

May 22
Thats is today, I am on time yay. So as I was headed out, I got the we need to talk” from my aunt and as usual I dread it 😥 I have no idea what I am doing with my life right now! Lost is my who name. my initials and my nickname also. I made breakfast, fried dumplings and baked beans with “sausage” that sausage was nasty. ugh . wen tot work was 30 minutes early but o well. Did not have much to do but more than the previous day which was better, I was a bit more productive but, so it goes. <- thats from the book I am attempting to read right now. Soh came in with bad news that her best friend died, tragic I know but shit happens man I wish I had answers. Mr B is going to treat us to lunch yay! and um he shared his lunch with me. he is also going to barcelona excited for him. I am still depressed/stressed w/e u want to call it or me I should say lol, going crazy over here lol. left work and came straight home, decided to go to water polo training BUT the pool was closed thats what you get when you don’t train in a long time. then i walked back to the house and my aunt and uncle gave me the talk and brought up that night at July sigh. Anyways I was not about to cry no i decided I will not. I wasn’t completely honest and I feel guilty for that. Anyhow now I am going to watch the last harry potter movie and saw how the night fairs out. 



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