Break up … Soliloquy

I was scared but now it is time for me to brave and face the music, one which I have been waiting too long with just a debate. A lonely debate, with one candidate, me.

Truth be told, I once loved and was wooed by your presence and the person you were, that person I loved, but obviously was not meant to be. We broke up once, we broke up twice, we broke up too many times. At last it was the finale, so I thought, so I now I got the chance to regain my independence, for with you, you were my all.


You came back and it was gone. Short lived I thought it was, because in the beginning of the… 10th was it, or 27th, 31st… whichever time the last break up was you did woo me and showed me change but then it all happened too soon, you got too darn comfortable and that is how complacency seeps in. ALL TOO DARN SOON, I am not gonna lie my hopes were high and having someone there was just a merriment, I did not deny. 

You’re breaking my heart, one that once cleaned the stains you sprayed. Now before it’s too late, I WANT OUT and I want it NOW. The pain will remain but if it’s now we both shall save the graves. To weep less and regain more, this chance is an early door. Pain is not forever, we shall get pass this floor.


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