What is your duty?

I am such a ‘sac’ lol

What is our human duty:

  • Do we search for love or will it find us?
  • Do we decide what we are happy with of what we have?
  • If we want it can we rely just work for it?
  • What if we want something badly but it is not in the cards. We don’t know that but still would it still be worth the hard work we are about to put into it?
  • So many questions about success, wealth, status and how much thought do people put into the morality of the path they have to get there and how many turns they are going to make or will it “me or nothing”? 
  • Do you look out for your neighbor enough?
  • People often say you have to put effort int o get something out, but some people do not even have that urge/motivation/inspiration to even start… what do they do now?
  • Do we do thing ONLY because it will benefit us?
  • How much do you really thing about the next thing you are about to say?
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

These things and many many more I ponder on about


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