I found someone who once loved me unconditionally but something HUGE happened in his life and now I think he has a more open/realistic/serious view on life.

One good thing about that is, I now know he has matured a bit more but it changed his love for me or what I thought his love for me was.

He used to see me as almost perfect, as corny as it gets, he used to say I was perfect for him but now he points out some of my flaws and some things I find myself insecure about and if I get worked up over it he doesn’t see why it would affect me -I am kind of in the process of getting to know myself some more and finding peace in my solitude- and he just keeps going on about it and calls me immature. 

Maybe his huge thing was one of his revelations and I have yet to find mine but I definitely don’t think I need someone who will be a constant reminder of what I am trying to get over, I am not ready for the judgement. 

But ultimately I am trying to understand while I am still with him, even through all these headaches. 


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