F1 status sux!

Trapped is the word they WILL NOT use to describe F1 stay here.

Cannot work but still knowing there will be debt, hmm how to fan that out???

Traveling cost just as much as trying to afford college???

You think your parents pressure you about keeping grades up, WELL lets get this straight as a F1 there is NO ROOM FOR FAILURE and you have 2 parents as for an F1 they have a range from 4 to as many as you can count parent figure looming overhead -_-

what else?

Friends back home, because of the lack of travel and physical interaction means those bonds get looser every time you don’t go home. 

Things that are constantly on your mind:

  • money 
  • future
  • career/job
  • relationship, both intimate and friendly 
  • daily prerogatives
  • life plan 



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