Jamaican sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown cleared of anti-doping violation

I expected that! 🙂 woot woot #teamjamaica


Last week life tested

I swore I had the worst week ever!

So Monday was actually good, one thing I always avoid is complaining about things, well at least out loud. But I must admit Monday was pretty good! Loved it actually, everything went smoothly.

Tuesdays my day starts at 9:30 am, so I went to bed early to get enough sleep, wake up early and study, so I did. I woke up at 4 am and started studying. I even made myself a pretty nice continental* breakfast and then decided to hit the road around 7 so I would be early and no rush. Now I have to take 2 buses, the first one was on point, the second failed me terribly! I was about to kick or punch something or someone I was not about to mess up my streak I literally waited 45 minutes and then I gave up and went for plan B: take the train and then another bus. I swear everything happens for a reason or I was blessed because right as I was about to get really frustrated and cry, my professor emailed me and said class cancelled because of an unfortunate event on her part,which I’m sorry, but it made my day just a little better! I got to school and the rest of my day went as planned.

Wednesday was good, spent it with old friends and then called it a day

Thursday… I realized I NEED to start driving! Oh my goodness! Depending on the bus is like pausing your life! Another bus problem but I got over it! 🙂

Friday came and went, it was okay. It rained but that’s not bad!

I got over the week but I felt as if I was put to the test and man I think I passed. My patience, my temper, my time management, I was being tested and I think I passed! 🙂