Learning to drive at 22?

22, who would have thought
The age where drinking Is no biggie And becoming a professional is One of those next things on the list

16 – most people are eager to start driving
But sometimes reckless
I was not that “fortunate” to yearn for that thing called a license

Single mom family
I learned humility and modesty
Didn’t expect much
But was grateful for all

Now 22
In the USA
F1 status
Trying to get a license is a pain

Is it not my time?
Is this all a sign?
Should I not drive?
Or should I be driven 🙂

The “struggle” is real
My struggle of getting a license

Stepping back
And let life run it’s course

For now…

I would say
Don’t wait
Not for 22 at least

My view as I write
Being driven it is 🙂


Boy Buried By Avalanche Tried to Bite His Way Out

I thought about doing the same if that ever happened to me lol


(NEW YORK) — An 8-year-old western Montana boy who spent about an hour buried in the snow after a deadly avalanche roared into his backyard says he tried to “lick and bite” his way out before becoming tired and falling asleep.

Phoenix Scoles-Coburn, of Missoula, told “Today” show host Matt Lauer on Friday that he doesn’t remember the moment the Feb. 28 snow slide hit him.

He says he looked back and saw a tree wobbling, so he ran. The next thing he knew, he was in the snow.

Phoenix’s mother, Erin Scoles, says dozens of residents responded quickly with shovels and avalanche probes, but it took an hour to find the boy.

Phoenix suffered a laceration to his spleen and was hospitalized for two days.

The avalanche also buried a husband and wife. They also eventually were rescued, but the woman died in a hospital two days later.

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One of the fears

I know not if it’s the number one
but it’s a fear alright.
And it makes itself known real bright.

funny thing is, it shows itself not all hours of days but only one when it feels like.
And when it does it’s outstanding and that’s not in the good way.

This fear is causing so many thought process conflict in planning for my future.

My GPA is JUST in “good standing” and I’m happy because its going up, not down!
But I’m constantly surrounded by 4.0’s and I’m so confused in classes that I actually like.

I feel defeated but my journeys just begun.
I don’t necessarily like competition and I feel because of that I’m defeated too easily most of the time.

My fear of failing

What if… NO technology?

I might be over thinking this BUT

I left my phone charger in my friends car last night and my phone was dead until now. I’ve always thought I could go without technology at least day which I’ve done before but today was different.

I had a crappy day the day before yesterday especially because I only got 1 hour sleep the night before. I was just trying to make it through the day with my eyes open, because my brain was definitely not there. I was also pumped up to go to water polo training but didn’t make it. I got home at 8 and immediately fell asleep.

Today I woke up at 6 for some reason and with NO phone to alarm, felt like I was having a hang over with a headache.

As I stepped into class I started asking everyone even those I don’t normally talk to for a phone charger *FYI: if apple wasn’t so exclusive with their products then I would have had a charger in a jiffy* I was anxious about not having my phone for some reason. Anyways I got one and I feel more calm and having myself a caramel frappachino.

I am trying to understand why it meant so much, why has technology become so integrated in my life even when it’s not being used :/