What if… NO technology?

I might be over thinking this BUT

I left my phone charger in my friends car last night and my phone was dead until now. I’ve always thought I could go without technology at least day which I’ve done before but today was different.

I had a crappy day the day before yesterday especially because I only got 1 hour sleep the night before. I was just trying to make it through the day with my eyes open, because my brain was definitely not there. I was also pumped up to go to water polo training but didn’t make it. I got home at 8 and immediately fell asleep.

Today I woke up at 6 for some reason and with NO phone to alarm, felt like I was having a hang over with a headache.

As I stepped into class I started asking everyone even those I don’t normally talk to for a phone charger *FYI: if apple wasn’t so exclusive with their products then I would have had a charger in a jiffy* I was anxious about not having my phone for some reason. Anyways I got one and I feel more calm and having myself a caramel frappachino.

I am trying to understand why it meant so much, why has technology become so integrated in my life even when it’s not being used :/



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