BFF tells the truth

My bff is annoying 

My bff is miserable 


My bff is HONEST 

My bff is BLUNT

My bff is NO JOKE


I thought the truth was there 

but my bff showed me a light 

and now it shines bright 


Bff you are right

No matter how much you bicker

no matter how much you sigh 

no matter how much you grouch 

I love you bff! 


Love you J.O.C. 


Dreams I don’t remember but it annoyed me

Ever dreamed about something that annoys you?
Every dreamed that dream and forgot?

I did
I was in the dream
I was annoyed in the dream
And so I just woke up and went immediately to the kitchen for breakfast
So pissed off
And no real reason why

That’s just really weird to me
I don’t like the feeling though