A smile from a distance

A smile is contagious

That’s a given 

A smile portrays: warmth, love, happiness… etc etc etc


But how many times have seen someone frown in a picture?

How often does people not smile back when someone is smiling at them?


Social media

All these pictures filled with smiles 

And I wonder, are they real?

Does it really matter?


Personally I have been down lately

But I still hang with my friends 

And no matter what

When I am with them 

It’s almost automatic my smiles turns on 

Even though my thoughts disagree


How much can you tell from a distance when someone smiles?

Are they being honest?

Is it true?

Can you genuinely be happy with them?


You smile

I smile

We all smile


what does it really mean from a distance?







Finals are here and I wish all others good luck!
It’s my final final and I don’t have a job -_- what the hell!

Summer plans? No idea… I am going to legit google summer plans that involve no money

Volunteer is a def if I ain’t got no job or if I did

I feel 

I breathe

I hear

I see

I smell


All faculties are up to par 

but still I feel as if it isn’t me

really, who am I?


Currently single 

after a recent break up 

but not heart broken 

Friends call it weird 



Have all B’s in my classes 

but feeling unsuccessful 


Awake at the moment 

but not sure where if it’s real.