A snippet: Afrikaan vs Ukrainian

After being in American for a short period of time as a diplomat for their embassy, my African friend pulls up in the parking lot at a grocery store and has nowhere to park. He lets his wife out and pull up on the side to wait. As he is patiently waiting minding his own business, a Ukrainian man pulls in a spot that just became available. After getting out of his car, this conversation begins:

Ukrainian: Don’t you dare look at my car, it is expensive and you can’t afford it!

African: (puzzled look, thinking ‘is he talking to me’)

Ukrainian: (points in my African friends direction) YES, I am looking at you!

African:I do not care about your car sir, I hadn’t even noticed you.

Ukrainian: Well I have a gun and I will s**** your black ass, if I can come back and there is a scratch on my car!

African: You want to shoot me? Well your gun means nothing, I have a machete which I will not use but just so you know, I know how to use it. Plus don’t you have better things to worry about in Ukraine than me stealing your car…?

African friend wife returns and he leaves as the Ukrainian man stares at them.

Now this story makes me laugh and also makes me think about all the things that are happening in the world. How people think and react and what they deem more important to them…

I just wonder… hmmm


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