Conference – Don’t ever forget

I recently went to a conference which was organized and the hard work was done by a group of women. As a young woman I felt proud and let me add that these women were no simple women, they were professionals, with their doctorates, their businesses and professional jobs etc. The whole event was not a bore which sometimes is to me especially since it was mostly about politics, an area I barely encourage conversation.

This was an interesting event. I came as a college student and I realize that i was the new kid on the block, because apparently everyone was familiar with each other. As the new kid on the block it was up to me to get the ball rolling, network and reach out to others.

I got around to a few people and it was okay, here and there, spoke to a few women and they all seemed a bit interested in something else other than the topic(s) at hand. 

One of the ladies who had help to make this event a success, I approached her with a genuine act of gratitude and she seemed too busy to pay my thank you any attention.

First off I was not groveling for her attention and secondly I honestly was not sure of her name. I just know she was one of the main ladies for the planning and set up, but she was too preoccupied to say you are welcome or share any words or wisdom to me as a young lady striving to be also be successful, that was my first impression. Now as far as the saying goes for first impression, traditionally I am not sure I am impressed but some people would say don’t take it personal she was busy. I think she felt as if she had to impress the people already knew and that made her forget the new people in the room. 

This made me think about what I should aim for, do not get me wrong the speakers were superb, their message was received! 

“Education and the values of caribbean people seem to differ from those of americans.”

Wealth & status vs moral & ethics

If there is one thing to take from this conference other than the superb message that the speakers gave, is also that I should never forget where I come from and that no matter where I go I should never be a snob about it. 

How can I expect to be successful, if the way I take to get there is by stepping on those who are also trying to learn something new also. 


One of my goals is to reach out to as many people as possible so that almost everyone will have an equal chance at an education! NO ONE SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND!


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