Pros and cons HA

Pros Cons
He makes me happy He can b stubborn just a tad
He makes me smile He confuses me sometimes
He respects me Wants too much
He wants a family like me Says shellesha is doin MY “job”
Sex is great This distance
He is ambitious I’m so insecure most times now bcuz of all the shit we been thru
I can always talk to him Too vulnerbale/weak for him
He motivates me Even thru it all I don’t think he realizes I’m an emotional wreck bcuz of him
His honesty of late I’m scared he cheats
He is willing to do almost anything for me The fact he thinks I’m shady :s
He is smart I don’t want him to make hustling his career***
Great business ethics The fact that he wants me to not fck up but if he does I shud understand he got needs
The way he is passionate about makin a change(y) The way he loves everybody else -_-
The way he loves his family I need to run who I want to friends with list with first b4 I run into any friendship.
We both hav a like for cars and football Doesn’t realize when I’m not feeling well but I wanna talk just don’t know how to start(guy thing probably)

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