Pit Fur

I love my title, anyhow what is fur used for? WARMTH! 😀

Well let me start with me staying my pits are very warm and yes, I mean armpits 😀

Trying a little experiment you may call it and the fur is approx 2/3 inch, hmmm as a female I am not sure how some would feel about it. Some friends have shared their opinion, giving feedback from different angles, and I listen with an open mind. So far I am great, but I could do with less sweating.. however this is interesting.. seeing people reaction is HILARIOUS! omg … I have yet to be comfy in a swimsuit b/c I have done NO shaving … I am all natural-ish lol…

But the more I think about shaving, the more I wonder why we do it and  why we do it the way we do it. Is it personal or societal or something else?

I am just very curious about human being… How we are raised in our homes and in communities and what triggers our moral values and makes up decide what we think might be the right thing to do… hmmm

-a tid bit of my thoughts-


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