Blessed and I now know it

My friends always say I know many people, but none of them really know me. So my real friends groups is really small and I think somewhat unreliable, because they think I always have someone to call on.

This is when it becomes lonely and no one notices, but in truth we are never really lonely as long our mental faculties are in tune. But I say blessed, because the other day I was stranded in place I am not familiar with and I was low on funds and I kept wondering who do I know that can help me out.

I thought long and had, because I did not know who to contact and I really do not like asking for favors, so this was partially my fault. Anyhow I made me a list in my head and I wondered should I ask them and tried to think about their responses as if I knew them like the back of my hand.

I eventually had 2 people in mind who I do not exchange conversation with regularly, but I tried it anyway and reached out to one of them. Lo and behold IT WORKED and I kept thinking does this show me who my real friends are. But all I knew for sure then was that I was blessed.

I am trying to not take people for granted, and even though I think I do not there are still those friends I know will have my back in certain situations, or so I hope anyway. The people we meet in life are not always what we think of them throughout our relationship with them, because it takes a rough patch for the truth to be revealed.


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