N3XT St3pz


Earn BS

Date a guy or few


Enjoy my solitude 

Earn M.Ed

Decide on research topic for Ph.D

Start NGO

Do a good deed almost daily



So much to do and in what I call so little time. There is nothing I take for granted in life anymore. Somehow there are times where I think that and I am just waiting on the other shoe to fall and that s*** is just not happening when I expect it. But that is whole idea of the future = not knowing.

I am very grateful for everything in my life and my achievements. I had nothing coming to America, but I have lot walking away from it. And I want to say thanks to everyone in my family. If only they could hear me out, without all the judgment and talking behind my back. I am almost 26 and my family treats me like a teen. I am doing my masters, but somehow school to them means that I should be treated as someone who is irresponsible.

I have not moved out yet because I am saving for at least a years worth of rent, but for now I am biting the bullet until then. #bettahmusscome





Been A-While Since I Wrote


My first big heart break triggered this start of my blog.

I care not who read it and I still do not, because I realize that sometimes all we need to feel better about something is to let it out. Talking to walls may work, but typing and posting it is an action that makes the moment ‘real’.

I must admit that at some point I thought my blog would take off, but even I stopped writing when things got better.

And things really did get better. I earned my B.S. in Applied Mathematics in May 2016 and to this day I am still amazed. I did it, I did not do it alone, but I finished the race and  my name is on that diploma with many others below it.

I am here again because of a bad trigger, but I smile as I write this post! Life has its ups and downs. Right now is a down, but I take this down with a grddain of salt, because I know will make it through.
I am now in  masters program and looking forward to paving a path for myself that I will call my own and be able to walk an independent road one day soon!