Maybe I was ‘bourgeois’ – who has the right to be?


Before the BS – I was a fresh off the boat kid when I came to America. Hated it because I knew no one and to think of it in long term was far from my first choice. I struggled, nonetheless I completed my undergraduate after 1 college and 2 universities and 5 years. I was far from being the traditional student and there were times I was going to up.

Here I am, a B.S. in Mathematics and now at the end of my M.Ed. In Secondary Education, Mathematics.

— — —

What does it mean to be bourgeois? For me it is an action, that defines your characteristic as being materialistic and thinking you are better tan everyone else. So I am here to let loose what happened and be judged.


In the process of getting my masters, I do small jobs such as I am a part time teacher at two schools, I am a substitute teacher and I work as an administrative assistant. Now the last job, being administrator, especially the assistant means that I probably will get the most scutwork, which I honestly dont mind(it pays & Should be easy). However the ‘big boss’ wants me to work from her home during odd hours and do what I consider personal errands.

And the bougie-ness came out when I was not asked, but told to pick up papers and drop them at the boss’s hone! This made me livid, I am nobody’s errand person simply because that is not my job description. Meaning I did not agree to such things, I only agree to this administrative work because I still need money to keep my life going.

I am almost finished with my masters and when I am done, I will be seeking a career, not no ‘job’. I need something that will keep grounded and with all the benefits I deserve. I refuse to go down a ladder, cause the only place we should all be looking to go is UP! Even if I have admin working for me, I would never ask them of personal favors. I plan to help those around me to keep moving up also and I would never want them to feel under me, but more lateral even if they aren’t there yet.

We rise up as a community, a nation and as the world.


So the question still lies. Am I bourgeois for thinking this way????


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