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I thought it’s when your in your teen years you feel the most emotional wreck but does it stop there?

When I was a teen I was cold and pretty heartless. I would be hurt but I got over in a quick minute. I was competitive but I was a good sport because I think having fun was such awesome time and losing was a experience to learn from and fix it.

I fear becoming complacent and leaving world to live my life.

Things have happened that I thought I would be over but at 21 I feel like it’s all coming back and now is the final time to either cleanse my mind or it will linger there forever. Where do we start where do we end?! What do we do?


Anonymous complaints

I am struggling with my classes but everything else in my life is pretty okay but I have surrounded myself with school and it eats me up inside. I don’t know what to do anymore. I cant continue like this.

I need some advise but I’m scared of being judged.

They say sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt you.

LIES and I’m serious, and I use as an example when my bf and I broke up. the first thing that ached me was the words that was delivered because I knew we were headed down that road it was the words that finalized it. THE WORDS.

I am young and I know that there is much more to live, learn and explore in this life so I’m not too stressed but I feel the “system” of our life of society has rendered our minds to think that without it one is nothing and I’m sick and tired of trying to live up to that standard but what do I keep doing. Try to live up to it.

I’m a contradiction and it sucks but I would like to call it conscious brainwashing. A paradox that’s what it is.

F*** it

Frustration at its best

This urge is so strong
The electricity passing through my veins
Each nerve being seduced slowly
O this feeling

Searching for some fulfillment
That will cure this feeling
But so hard
Crossing over into the unconscious state for there no thoughts progress
Well for me
And these nothing frustrates or gives me huge cravings for such things

But what would be best is to fulfill Tia crave an end this frustration!
I know the answer
But finding it is the problem

That night

It’s wasn’t clear
It was that night
I held you tight

We were bounded
From one extreme to another
The range was too large
And we lost ourself in it all

Losing felt so good
For love it was
That’s the game we lost to each other

A game that was played
Over and over again
Blinded for we jump ditches and skipped through storms