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Intriguing and yet overwhelming, that is how I see motivation.

>One day waking up, >feeling ready to tackle the world, no matter what it may throw your way. And >another moment either the same day, it may seem as if you are thrown to the side by the daily obstacles you come across.

Motivation to each person is so different and we come across it in so many different ways!

Only you can motivate YOU!

My Island JAMAICA +

I am from Jamaica
And I must add
A very proud Jamaican at that

There is no country like mine but there are a few very similar.
The name I say proud as so do I wear the color and speak the dialect.

Like other lands, gigantic or small we have our flaws and the things that make out country stand out. But in a perfect world it would be a even playing field in my eyes, because I believe in complete and total equality.

But I have come to an understanding that it’s ain’t so.

The world is an uneven playing field, because there has to be conflict for progression. We have to lack something before we try to make another thing better. or create something new. And I don’t just refer to Jamaica but the world on a whole.

I want to go back and skylark in the backyards of my home town. But even on homeland there stands inequality and a lack of open minds.

My home isn’t grand like the lands of the eastern hemisphere, but rather small in area. But I feel if we work together we can get by and make it work for us. We shouldn’t have such huge differences in class for we are small in size. The superpowers of the world have their huge class gaps, some which I don’t agree with, but there are so huge that I am taken back by everything they do, just to maintain the calm.

I feel as a small nation we should work close by each other, and try to help our neighbors near or far. We shouldn’t watch as the next person is slowly slipping away, but instead reach out and lend a helping hand. I think understand class gaps and power elites and inequality overall, but with a country so small why should the gaps be such trenches, almost like sink holes that one can lose them self.

I can honestly talk from experience that once you can move up from one step or half a step higher than your previous status the feeling is great an I don’t deny that feeling, because I feel everyone should adhere some feeling of the sort.

But here comes by contradiction in a sense. It’s going to be a blabber but here goes. As I said before there is no level playing field. And as I say that I also add that happiness is relative. Let me see if I can explain that: each job, coming from the janitor who cleans the office to the receptionist who takes calls to the manager who oversee the franchise to the CEO the owner of the whole. Each role has to be filled for the company to work successfully but I am sure in each owns world there is a complaint and then there is happiness. But relatively speaking looking down or up on the next persons jobs assuming you have one of the ones I have named previously there can be no equal comparison because the job description is totally different.

I think we should all take a step back do what we do best because we love it or try to and help the others with whatever you can or may not be able to but it’s the thought that can matter sometimes. Not giving the material things so much value.

Bak to my original train of thought. Jamaica can be great but if we continue to fight for independence with just the few elites that lie in our big country and small island, we will never make progress and it will all be in vain. Repeated over and over again in words and actions. A team/country is a strong as its weakest link. Find truth in that and you can over see the obstacle and I don’t say this for others to look on that weakest link and try to be like them but rather help them so we can move ahead together in our different roles in society and unify.

Unity is strength so get up, stand up and help your brother.

Lend a helping hand. I want to go home one day and be happy and enjoy y country! I want others to find the joy an peace and happiness I find there whether visiting or to live. But Jamaicans have to look after their own and make do with what is there. And keeping moving up, united we stand and a same way we ago fall!