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Last week life tested

I swore I had the worst week ever!

So Monday was actually good, one thing I always avoid is complaining about things, well at least out loud. But I must admit Monday was pretty good! Loved it actually, everything went smoothly.

Tuesdays my day starts at 9:30 am, so I went to bed early to get enough sleep, wake up early and study, so I did. I woke up at 4 am and started studying. I even made myself a pretty nice continental* breakfast and then decided to hit the road around 7 so I would be early and no rush. Now I have to take 2 buses, the first one was on point, the second failed me terribly! I was about to kick or punch something or someone I was not about to mess up my streak I literally waited 45 minutes and then I gave up and went for plan B: take the train and then another bus. I swear everything happens for a reason or I was blessed because right as I was about to get really frustrated and cry, my professor emailed me and said class cancelled because of an unfortunate event on her part,which I’m sorry, but it made my day just a little better! I got to school and the rest of my day went as planned.

Wednesday was good, spent it with old friends and then called it a day

Thursday… I realized I NEED to start driving! Oh my goodness! Depending on the bus is like pausing your life! Another bus problem but I got over it! 🙂

Friday came and went, it was okay. It rained but that’s not bad!

I got over the week but I felt as if I was put to the test and man I think I passed. My patience, my temper, my time management, I was being tested and I think I passed! 🙂


A different from lately

So this is a very HAPPY POST with a few darks spots at the end… 

So this weekend I hung out with some girlfriends. We ran/walk/hopped/twerked across the finish line, the best part is that we finished. Now before AAAAAALLLLLLL of that and I get to the end I must indulge on how we got there.

Once upon a time… lol NOPE…

It was in the middle of the semester and I have been trying to get a group of my friend to do one of those fun/awesome/charity runs. I mean why do it if its not for a good cause. Yea exercise! but ya get me?!?!…

So as I was headed to my Mechanics of Material class with my horrible professor I was greeted on the 4th floor by a HEEEEEYYY *insert name* !!!!! I was so happy my morning had some cheering up to it! 🙂 I told them about the run and they were like YES! lets do this! On the spot we signed up as a team the “French Kiss” (lets just say I have been trying to get someone to use that name, another cub I am apart of was suppose to have a fundraiser and use it but thtat never got off the ground ANYWAYYYYY) But whatever our name was our, team was awesome! ….

SKIPS the rest, to the night before… 😀

So the night before it was a girls sleep over and it has been soo long that I actually had a “sleepover” it was pretty interesting and much more ‘mature’ than the typical sleepover and plus my friend is married(she is the only married one, the rest status:single lol).

My day started a bit gloomy but once we all got to my gf’s house it was LIVE. Our idea of a good night sleep before a 5K was to go to a hookah bar and drink a lil and chill. I was twerking allover the place! #twerkteam I went to bed twerking and woke them up twerking,

One thing I am known for is my punctuality (depening on the importnce of it [: ) So these buggers decided to sleep under the covers for a minute more in which I indulged in more twerking on them. Them when it was time I was tooting my horn and we were off, headed to  the race to meet up with other team members and get all colored up #colormerad and stay fit! YAY 

We waited for our friends, most of them showed up the other to where LATE but still we finished they race and were re-united at the end of the race. The was was awesome the people, the vibe, the atmosphere was just beaming with all different faces, all different ages. It was really cute to see the little kids running with their families and just having a great time! We were suppose to twerk across the finish line but we did it for like a short second. #FAIL we got throught the race alive #YES #THANKGOD! then we partied a little, got some free give aways and then headed to dc, we were starving. BOMBED #chipotle and we ate so much we were stuffed no one could talk from there the group dispered slowly. 

The few that hung around decided to “chill” but instead it was more like forced chilling because we were tired and we had a food coma, #tryingtobecool, we grabbed a few beers and called it a day.

I was so colored up and I had a temporary tatt on my face, imagine taking the bus with that on your face LOL smh but I made it home, stepped righ in the shower and affter that I was KO(knocked out), thinking I was going to just take a NAP, I ended up waking up in the morning for work. 

Now from now on these are observations I made about my friends that annoyed me a little and I JUST took notice of. I may be a bit judgemental but I think we all are a little. I am not picky and I DO NOT get pissed off easily or annoyed but this really picked at me. 

1. one of my friends kept making childish comments; everytime someone had on somethign cool there would be a following remark “we shoul dget that”, “we are not cool enough”, “man we are lame”, “why didn;t we think of that”, “lets get that”, “I am goign to guy that” (keep in mind this is a sunday, therfore most business are closed.

2. I had this one friend whp also tried to be number one. Nw here is my thing, I believe in competition but this was all fun in my head, sorry didnt get the memo. We were all friends there. Why was there sucha  big deal about it. 

There are more but I would like to just leaev this post a happy one. 


1. Some things you can ony take in doses.

2. Stop looking on the ones around you, enjoy you first AT ALL TIMES

3. Make sure the whole group knows the meaning of team.

4. Make sure all teh friends know each other. 

5. No matter how old, you can do whatever.

6. It encouraged me to run more. 

7. Kids are adorable!

8. There are good kids!

9. Why give up now, keep on living!

10. A happy you makes a even happier environment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was awesome. I would do it any other time.

Image<——— MY FAV COLOR! 😉 

Losing me?

Losing myself

I remember who I am
My name at least
But who I used to be was kind of a different person.

I am still self motivated
Maybe even more now
Because I know what I want to study
But that independent me?
She is struggling to survive
Barely on the surface
She exist but to some extent
I cannot make myself happy now
The epitome has not been met
For I know there is more I can, I need to and I will achieve
Bt falling in to grooves for too long and one can make them self comfortable
I think it’s happening to me

Feeling: DECIDED

Another one of those feelings!
Oh My Gosh! You can’t imagine how excited I am. Having an idea of a possible future, I am excited. And even though I’m happy about it, I am still trying to formulate some sort of mind blowing reason as to why this is the choice I will make, and yes I said WILL. I am too excited for now there is clarity and man that feeling is blissful. I just want to put explanations marks in my reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s how I feel
So happy
And now I am ready
I can feel it
I have decided!
There is time to catch up
There is time
Now I feel there is time
Time that shall not be wasted

I have decided what I want to major in
I have decided what I want to study
I have decided which struggle of school I want to endure
I want to see what my threshold holds for this major
I want to explore it
I want to
Yes I want to
I want to make love with MATHEMATICS
And then I want to just jizz on students when I am continuously fulfilled in my future as some sort of professor!

Caught between many

Oh this feeling that I get caught up in. It eats at me when it’s ready and at other moments it is nowhere to be found. Is it my youth and my adult stages of my life fighting to see who will shine the brightest?
If that’s the case I am greatly worried about where my future lies. I have yet to be disappointed for I am apart of that percentage that can make a home out of almost anything. I complain not whether I have just one or I have many for I know where I stand I know where I want to be standing. Be it where I am now or elsewhere. Puzzled my life may be but it’s that puzzle that keeps me at it for all time sake. I have no one to blame my mistakes but myself, don’t flatter yourself misery for I am far for being perturbed by what had happened. I am happy for the world knows not my secrets, those of which don’t exist but the world only knows parts, all parts I must say but never as a Whole. This, it is not trickery but I just am timid just a bit maybe even not a little.


It has been said
But still, we lack the courage
held back
In each own lil box

Lying about the obvious
But obviously Scared of the unknown
But isn’t that life? The unknown

I had once said
If you want it you work your hardest in that direction
But now I’m not sure how much you can really work for “it”
For this one thing anyways

And unknown eating away at the very thoughts
Thoughts of the “what could have been”

Let it be or let it not
Either one if you think about it
its still an unknown.

Lets just keep focused
And not b side tracked
Goals have been set.
Plans have been made.
Lets keep moving forward

It could b the END
Or the beginning of a blissful and total tranquil new
Oh the anxiety
The rainbow of emotions

Caught up in dreams not dreamt
Seeing past the horizon.
Might just b a mirage,
A figment of my imagination

Life more abundant

I love seeing small children,
They make me happy
For in them anything is possible
They just need te right push

Even when they are troublesome it reminds me of our imperfections
Especially when they know they are wrong.
It’s adorable

But I don’t know if I want kids of my own…