Life more abundant

I love seeing small children,
They make me happy
For in them anything is possible
They just need te right push

Even when they are troublesome it reminds me of our imperfections
Especially when they know they are wrong.
It’s adorable

But I don’t know if I want kids of my own…


I know

I thought I knew

After deciphering what I thought was impossible
Possibility positively rang louder than ever
I was overwhelmed
And it blinded me from the rest of it

Caught between two worlds
Another decision is about to made
But this time
It’s not as easy
It’s never easy

I thought I knew
But I know it’s not so
The stars stare down with questioning eyes
And I shrug not knowing

It’s a natural disaster in my mind
The gods have seen and are dismayed
But that’s how I put it into perspective

Fallen too low
How low is too low though
Questions I can’t find simple answers to
That low

I never knew that which only you had answer

My escape. A part of me that I try to set free.