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BeLive inUr Futre

Believe now

Believe never

Why care, Whenever?


Past was last

Now is Present

& Future shall be


Why dwell on then

When now is here

to be, to see, to feel, be Real


Now impacts then

& the then will be Now

Fascination , Anticipation

Appreciation, Emancipation


Motivation Continuity – Listen to Someone (Dr. Hrabowski) In Your Field

My unconventional story of school is a long one however, I bring it up because I began to get more involved when I enrolled in community college and there I started to aim higher every time I achieved another goal. I would talk to every and anyone, I would attend all meetings and I went to every possible event there was.

Then there was a silent pause, I became a person just ‘going with the flow’ and not seeing a path for myself anymore. I was lost with many resources surrounding me, but family forced me to persevere through. Motivational speeches became a jabber to me and I took nothing from them anymore.

As the current pulled me along I transferred and not being a traditional student, I felt overwhelmed and underaccomplished and back at the bottom of the barrel, climbing my way out. I became the student who went to class and then home or work. Community college and a 4 yr college worked in reverse for me.


I went to a lecture where Dr. Hrabowski spoke and I was blown away! I was not sure I would be able to find motivation like that again, but I did and I feel there might be others who feel this way and I wanted to just say it out loud because as long as I am able to achieve any goal, I will aim to do so. His charismatic demeanor and his title told one story, a collinear one and one that I aim to achieve also. Educate ourselves, our neighbors and our youths. It is all possible!

*However, this is not long term and I will need to feed this addiction to motivation once more. Truth be told, self-motivation exist, but sometimes a small push in the right direction can also be very, very helpful.




Intriguing and yet overwhelming, that is how I see motivation.

>One day waking up, >feeling ready to tackle the world, no matter what it may throw your way. And >another moment either the same day, it may seem as if you are thrown to the side by the daily obstacles you come across.

Motivation to each person is so different and we come across it in so many different ways!

Only you can motivate YOU!

Our biggest Fear is Ourself 

I say all these things from personal insight and this is a door into my life.

I plan and I have grand ideas, but half the time I never take the next step in making them come through and sometimes I wait for friends to come about and help out, but they are never as helpful because no one is perfect.

However, we must realize that only we can do what needs to be doe for our own lives.

No one else is there to make our steps, no one can.

Sometimes I just sit down and clean and that clears my mind. But then I realize I need to make a move and do something.

But what is it that I do? I am not sure.


Is that I need to make a move and just see what follows.

HBCU ; “Black People”

I am transferring to a HBCU and man I must say the key to success is not just the education which they provide but:

  • persistence 
  • determination 
  • self motivation 
  • faith 
  • and more

I tried to get an early start on college but they weren’t ready 

I tried to register for classes but they were prepared for me yet 

Now they are ready and I am left out of the loop…

…the reason why the “Black People” part is in the title: (this is a horrible generalization of “Black People” FYI) 

  • black people are considered loud and boisterous = I am not saying HBCU is that BUT to get things done, sometimes raising your voice in a dignified manner is the way to go 
  • black people are considered violent sometimes = HBCU’s are not violent but sometimes making the first move is one way to actually get the ball rolling 
  • black people are considered rude = HBCU means standing your ground and not let the next person walk all over you
  • that’s all I could think of right now…

BUT the reason I bring this is up is mostly a random thought as I enter into a HBCU institution 

I think that too much emphasis is being placed on skin colour… imagine if the world was black and white? 

My first thought was out of frustration but now I can spin my frustration into a learning experience and turn my frown upside down and make do with what I have been giving. 

Conference – Don’t ever forget

I recently went to a conference which was organized and the hard work was done by a group of women. As a young woman I felt proud and let me add that these women were no simple women, they were professionals, with their doctorates, their businesses and professional jobs etc. The whole event was not a bore which sometimes is to me especially since it was mostly about politics, an area I barely encourage conversation.

This was an interesting event. I came as a college student and I realize that i was the new kid on the block, because apparently everyone was familiar with each other. As the new kid on the block it was up to me to get the ball rolling, network and reach out to others.

I got around to a few people and it was okay, here and there, spoke to a few women and they all seemed a bit interested in something else other than the topic(s) at hand. 

One of the ladies who had help to make this event a success, I approached her with a genuine act of gratitude and she seemed too busy to pay my thank you any attention.

First off I was not groveling for her attention and secondly I honestly was not sure of her name. I just know she was one of the main ladies for the planning and set up, but she was too preoccupied to say you are welcome or share any words or wisdom to me as a young lady striving to be also be successful, that was my first impression. Now as far as the saying goes for first impression, traditionally I am not sure I am impressed but some people would say don’t take it personal she was busy. I think she felt as if she had to impress the people already knew and that made her forget the new people in the room. 

This made me think about what I should aim for, do not get me wrong the speakers were superb, their message was received! 

“Education and the values of caribbean people seem to differ from those of americans.”

Wealth & status vs moral & ethics

If there is one thing to take from this conference other than the superb message that the speakers gave, is also that I should never forget where I come from and that no matter where I go I should never be a snob about it. 

How can I expect to be successful, if the way I take to get there is by stepping on those who are also trying to learn something new also. 


One of my goals is to reach out to as many people as possible so that almost everyone will have an equal chance at an education! NO ONE SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND!