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HBCU ; “Black People”

I am transferring to a HBCU and man I must say the key to success is not just the education which they provide but:

  • persistence 
  • determination 
  • self motivation 
  • faith 
  • and more

I tried to get an early start on college but they weren’t ready 

I tried to register for classes but they were prepared for me yet 

Now they are ready and I am left out of the loop…

…the reason why the “Black People” part is in the title: (this is a horrible generalization of “Black People” FYI) 

  • black people are considered loud and boisterous = I am not saying HBCU is that BUT to get things done, sometimes raising your voice in a dignified manner is the way to go 
  • black people are considered violent sometimes = HBCU’s are not violent but sometimes making the first move is one way to actually get the ball rolling 
  • black people are considered rude = HBCU means standing your ground and not let the next person walk all over you
  • that’s all I could think of right now…

BUT the reason I bring this is up is mostly a random thought as I enter into a HBCU institution 

I think that too much emphasis is being placed on skin colour… imagine if the world was black and white? 

My first thought was out of frustration but now I can spin my frustration into a learning experience and turn my frown upside down and make do with what I have been giving. 


Conference – Don’t ever forget

I recently went to a conference which was organized and the hard work was done by a group of women. As a young woman I felt proud and let me add that these women were no simple women, they were professionals, with their doctorates, their businesses and professional jobs etc. The whole event was not a bore which sometimes is to me especially since it was mostly about politics, an area I barely encourage conversation.

This was an interesting event. I came as a college student and I realize that i was the new kid on the block, because apparently everyone was familiar with each other. As the new kid on the block it was up to me to get the ball rolling, network and reach out to others.

I got around to a few people and it was okay, here and there, spoke to a few women and they all seemed a bit interested in something else other than the topic(s) at hand. 

One of the ladies who had help to make this event a success, I approached her with a genuine act of gratitude and she seemed too busy to pay my thank you any attention.

First off I was not groveling for her attention and secondly I honestly was not sure of her name. I just know she was one of the main ladies for the planning and set up, but she was too preoccupied to say you are welcome or share any words or wisdom to me as a young lady striving to be also be successful, that was my first impression. Now as far as the saying goes for first impression, traditionally I am not sure I am impressed but some people would say don’t take it personal she was busy. I think she felt as if she had to impress the people already knew and that made her forget the new people in the room. 

This made me think about what I should aim for, do not get me wrong the speakers were superb, their message was received! 

“Education and the values of caribbean people seem to differ from those of americans.”

Wealth & status vs moral & ethics

If there is one thing to take from this conference other than the superb message that the speakers gave, is also that I should never forget where I come from and that no matter where I go I should never be a snob about it. 

How can I expect to be successful, if the way I take to get there is by stepping on those who are also trying to learn something new also. 


One of my goals is to reach out to as many people as possible so that almost everyone will have an equal chance at an education! NO ONE SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND!


This world which looks so whole
Shambled, disembodied with loop holes

Your perfect world it may seem
Inside out it feels
so right
So just
Your utopia

To them this world of theirs
dismantled and disengaged

Filled with anger, fear and all the rage
They know not why they face this race

The children of tomorrow
Can’t see their tomorrow

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
It falls around them
They adjust

Morning run reflection

Doing something I don’t enjoy
But doing it because of something I do enjoy

Hate running
Love working out

*pants heavily* yep that’s exactly me right this moment!


My view at the moment…

It might be hard to initially get out of bed but I realize if I put my mind on taking a quick (relatively) run then I can get my day started & it definitely clears my mind!

A fresh start to a new day!

Starting that “New Page”

After the break up
I was relieved

Happy that I didn’t have to feel guilty for trying to show him love
Happy that I didn’t need to pretend
Happy that I didn’t need to think twice about out conversation

He wanted to have other girls and then have me at the end of the day

I’m not sorry that I’m not that type of girl
I’m glad that you found what you want

BUT the real reason for this post

Even though I am relieved
The dating game has changed in the past 3 years and I am rusty

I don’t understand flirting like once upon a time
I don’t get it

So slowly I’m trying g to get the hang of it

Learning to drive at 22?

22, who would have thought
The age where drinking Is no biggie And becoming a professional is One of those next things on the list

16 – most people are eager to start driving
But sometimes reckless
I was not that “fortunate” to yearn for that thing called a license

Single mom family
I learned humility and modesty
Didn’t expect much
But was grateful for all

Now 22
In the USA
F1 status
Trying to get a license is a pain

Is it not my time?
Is this all a sign?
Should I not drive?
Or should I be driven 🙂

The “struggle” is real
My struggle of getting a license

Stepping back
And let life run it’s course

For now…

I would say
Don’t wait
Not for 22 at least

My view as I write
Being driven it is 🙂


A different from lately

So this is a very HAPPY POST with a few darks spots at the end… 

So this weekend I hung out with some girlfriends. We ran/walk/hopped/twerked across the finish line, the best part is that we finished. Now before AAAAAALLLLLLL of that and I get to the end I must indulge on how we got there.

Once upon a time… lol NOPE…

It was in the middle of the semester and I have been trying to get a group of my friend to do one of those fun/awesome/charity runs. I mean why do it if its not for a good cause. Yea exercise! but ya get me?!?!…

So as I was headed to my Mechanics of Material class with my horrible professor I was greeted on the 4th floor by a HEEEEEYYY *insert name* !!!!! I was so happy my morning had some cheering up to it! 🙂 I told them about the run and they were like YES! lets do this! On the spot we signed up as a team the “French Kiss” (lets just say I have been trying to get someone to use that name, another cub I am apart of was suppose to have a fundraiser and use it but thtat never got off the ground ANYWAYYYYY) But whatever our name was our, team was awesome! ….

SKIPS the rest, to the night before… 😀

So the night before it was a girls sleep over and it has been soo long that I actually had a “sleepover” it was pretty interesting and much more ‘mature’ than the typical sleepover and plus my friend is married(she is the only married one, the rest status:single lol).

My day started a bit gloomy but once we all got to my gf’s house it was LIVE. Our idea of a good night sleep before a 5K was to go to a hookah bar and drink a lil and chill. I was twerking allover the place! #twerkteam I went to bed twerking and woke them up twerking,

One thing I am known for is my punctuality (depening on the importnce of it [: ) So these buggers decided to sleep under the covers for a minute more in which I indulged in more twerking on them. Them when it was time I was tooting my horn and we were off, headed to  the race to meet up with other team members and get all colored up #colormerad and stay fit! YAY 

We waited for our friends, most of them showed up the other to where LATE but still we finished they race and were re-united at the end of the race. The was was awesome the people, the vibe, the atmosphere was just beaming with all different faces, all different ages. It was really cute to see the little kids running with their families and just having a great time! We were suppose to twerk across the finish line but we did it for like a short second. #FAIL we got throught the race alive #YES #THANKGOD! then we partied a little, got some free give aways and then headed to dc, we were starving. BOMBED #chipotle and we ate so much we were stuffed no one could talk from there the group dispered slowly. 

The few that hung around decided to “chill” but instead it was more like forced chilling because we were tired and we had a food coma, #tryingtobecool, we grabbed a few beers and called it a day.

I was so colored up and I had a temporary tatt on my face, imagine taking the bus with that on your face LOL smh but I made it home, stepped righ in the shower and affter that I was KO(knocked out), thinking I was going to just take a NAP, I ended up waking up in the morning for work. 

Now from now on these are observations I made about my friends that annoyed me a little and I JUST took notice of. I may be a bit judgemental but I think we all are a little. I am not picky and I DO NOT get pissed off easily or annoyed but this really picked at me. 

1. one of my friends kept making childish comments; everytime someone had on somethign cool there would be a following remark “we shoul dget that”, “we are not cool enough”, “man we are lame”, “why didn;t we think of that”, “lets get that”, “I am goign to guy that” (keep in mind this is a sunday, therfore most business are closed.

2. I had this one friend whp also tried to be number one. Nw here is my thing, I believe in competition but this was all fun in my head, sorry didnt get the memo. We were all friends there. Why was there sucha  big deal about it. 

There are more but I would like to just leaev this post a happy one. 


1. Some things you can ony take in doses.

2. Stop looking on the ones around you, enjoy you first AT ALL TIMES

3. Make sure the whole group knows the meaning of team.

4. Make sure all teh friends know each other. 

5. No matter how old, you can do whatever.

6. It encouraged me to run more. 

7. Kids are adorable!

8. There are good kids!

9. Why give up now, keep on living!

10. A happy you makes a even happier environment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was awesome. I would do it any other time.

Image<——— MY FAV COLOR! 😉